Guaranteed safety and comfort: our patented TAKATA AIRPADS are made from the same tear-resistant fabric as vehicle airbags and are filled with a combination of free air and synthetic foam. In the case of a lateral impact, the air contained is forced out and escapes through the fabric cover at predefined points…

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Enjoy driving in knowing
that your child is safe.

TAKATA CHILD SEATS unite our absolute commitment to the safety and comfort of your child with innovative design and groundbreaking functionality in child seats for all age groups and weights.

Take advantage of TAKATA’s many years of expertise and experience as a pioneer of occupant-restraint systems and give your child the optimum protection and perfect comfort of one of our exclusive TAKATA CHILD SEATS.

All child seats, from the TAKATA MINI CLASS infant carriers and the Group I child seats of the TAKATA MIDI CLASS to the TAKATA MAXI car seats for larger children, are subjected to stringent testing programmes compliant with the demands of applicable automotive industry standards and fulfill the latest UNECE R129/00 (i-Size) seat size regulations or the usual regulations of UNECE R44/04. With a child seat solution from TAKATA, the safety of your child and your peace of mind is guaranteed.

* Only seats certified according to EU regulations UNECE R 44/03, UNECE R 44/04 and UNECE R129/00 (i-Size) are legally approved.