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Ensuring the safety of our youngest road users is the prime focus of all our activities. This is why we pursue our constant goal of developing solutions that offer increasing safety and protection to children travelling by car. We have been developing and testing child seats for the European market at our research and development centres in Aschaffenburg and Berlin since 2003. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world to operate our own crash testing facilities. Our new Tech Centre in Berlin, opened in 2008, has one of the most advanced vehicle crash testing facilities in Europe. Here, child seats are tested not only according to the legally required testing methods stipulated in the UNECE R129/00 (i-Size) and UNECE R44/04 regulations, but also in additional safety tests in accordance with the standards of the automotive industry.

Based on a solid foundation of research work in the vehicle occupant safety segment, we ultimately developed and patented the TAKATA AIRPADS which are today installed in all lines of our range of child seats. These static air cushions are made from the same tear-resistant fabric as vehicle airbags and are filled with a combination of free air and synthetic foam. In a similar way to an airbag, they provide impact protection between the child and the child seat. Particularly in the case of collisions from the side, gentle cushioning significantly reduces the effects of impact forces on the child’s body. In addition to the protection provided by the soft cushion, this patented safety technology also offers improved comfort for children in our child seats.

In addition to the behaviour of our child seats in crash situations, handling and avoidance of handling errors considerably increase the safety of your child. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that the installation and everyday use of our child seats is as simple and intuitive as possible. Clear labelling and visual pointers contribute to this, as do easily adjustable height and width settings and belt guides.

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The outstanding quality of our production processes is ensured by our quality management system and fulfils the stringent requirements of the automotive industry in compliance with ISO/TS 16949. All parts of our child seats are also compliant with FMVSS 302, the US-standard for the flammability of materials used in the occupant compartments of vehicles, that is universally employed in the automotive segment. Child seats manufactured by TAKATA unite the results of many years of research and development and groundbreaking innovations to ensure the quality and long life of our products and guarantee the youngest road users a maximum of safety and comfort.